My one and ONLY Miley Cyrus rant

Miley-Cyrus-MTV-VMAFor months now I have refused to comment on Miley Cyrus. Why? Because it is painfully obvious that there is something terribly wrong in Camp Cyrus and I tend to avoid giving any consideration to attention seeking schmucks who have a warped sense of entitlement and an over inflated appreciation for their own self-worth. Okay maybe I’m talking about myself a little bit but let’s stick to the topic: Miley is out of control.

The fact that Miley is out of control is disturbing, primarily for the messages that she is selling young women who look up to her as an artist and as a person. I don’t know why but that is the reality, right? But what troubles me more about her sordid public displays, blatant disregard for common decency and brash sexualization of just about anything, everything and anyone is that no one is being honest with her – not even her parents.

Or maybe they are but Miley cares about their opinion about as much as she cares for Sinead O’Connor’s. On the other hand, maybe they are okay with the way Miley is flaunting herself and her debauched image and interpretation of ‘girl power’. Somewhere, somehow along the golden brick road that Miley has traveled from Nashville, TN she went from wholesome, funny golden girl Hannah Montana to the publicly depraved and Most Recent Starlet Turned Train Wreck and not just in celebrity tabloids but in every way possible because Miley wants the world to see her and I mean ALL of her.

Shockingly her father Billy Ray has not cried Achy Breaky Heart over Miley’s desertion from the good healthy and sensible image that was portrayed in her Hannah Montana days but rather, the guy is encouraging it. In fact, Billy Ray has defended his daughters’ actions while making the talk show circuit and even has the audacity to tell all rational human beings of planet Earth that his daughter is ‘evolving as an artist.’

Has this guy lost his mind? Are there any other fathers out there who think the way that this man does? Sadly, there are more than you think – particularly in the entertainment industry where this type of ‘parenting’ is more common than it would be in say, anywhere outside of Hollywood. Because let’s face it, before there was Out Of Control Miley Cyrus there was Out Of Control Paris Hilton, Out Of Control Britney Spears, Out Of Control Kelly Osbourne, Out Of Control Nicole Richie, Out Of Control Amanda Bynes and so on and so on. And that is just a short list of females who are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. There are just as many young males who are losing their minds on a very public stage.

So should we be concerned? For our society yes but for Miley Cyrus, well that is up to the people who really love her which I feel (and I hope most parents feel the same way) are very few in number. The number of people who love the money and the fame that Miley is affording them? Well there seems to be a lot more of those these days who would rather say yes to her bizarre antics than to be the unpopular one to tell her that she is all messed up.

Yes, I am riding a moral high horse and yes, not everyone agrees that she is doing herself and her public image, maybe even her private self a huge disservice. But I hope that there is a point in her life and a person in her life that she has even a smidgen of respect for that will sit her down and say the hard things that clearly no one is telling her – you’re being stupid and you’re hurting yourself for the sake of fame and notoriety and no one is going to care that you were swinging buck naked on a wrecking ball ten years, ten weeks, hell not even ten minutes from now. And hopefully that person will tell her, you don’t respect other people’s opinion of you because honestly, you probably don’t have enough respect for yourself and that’s the real cause of all of this outlandish behavior. You want to mature and stretch yourself artistically? Do it with your brain, not with cheap thrills.

Whatever – I’m just a dad, right?

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