Weekend Video Awards – Week 2

Never Give Up! – I’m one of those guys who gives up way too easy but this clip shows you that some people just don’t have it in them to quit. This was a really close fight going into the 10th and final round but it was obvious right away from the beginning of the video that Corrales had already lost the fight if you were only judging the fight based on swelling and cuts. Two knock-downs later, Corrales puts an exclamation directly on Castillo’s chin and gives me a moment to reflect on my inability to fight to the bitter end.

It’s not over ’till I lick this track – Heather Dorniden has her own version of ‘never quit, never give up’ in this 2008 600-meter race. Dorniden is the favorite to win except she gets tangled up with one of her competitors and sprints a couple of meters on her face. What ensues is the stuff of legend – Chariots of Fire stuff that you won’t want to miss.

Quitting made easy – But if you’re going to quit (like I usually do) than make sure that you do it in style like this woman did when she submitted her resignation with a little twist.

Extreme bonding time – I’ve tried to find ways to bond with my sons over the years but this father-son bonding time is not only unique, its awesome!

Speaking of bonding – Have you ever tried to brainwash your kids into loving you more than your spouse? This video reminds me of those days and the result is exactly the same. No matter what we dads do, kids will always love mommy more.

If you’re male bonding includes hunting – I would recommend that you do not check for malfunctioning gun parts the way that this hunter does. He fails miserably in so many ways that I’m sure I’ll miss some so take a look for yourself.

And finally, Cheering for the home team – My sons know that when my favorite team is playing it can either go really, really well or it can go very, very bad. This dad is pretty calm (and funny) and his enthusiasm is contagious. I could learn a thing or ten from him.

Have a safe and fun week my friends. And if you have video recommendations, please send them to me at lefolaugablog@gmail.com or leave a comment.

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