I vote divorce

There are only a few rare instances when I would advocate divorce and this is one of them. This guy is cheating on his wife – with Mars. Not a woman named Mars but the actual planet. His life long ambition has been to travel to outer space. I think the space between his ears is empty.

He says he lives by a code: 1) Enjoy life; 2) help people and 3) don’t hurt others. Sounds like he’s really succeeding at no. one but he may want to revisit nos. two and three in terms of family relations because leaving behind a very disgruntled wife and four children (even thought they will be adults if and when the Mars thing actually happens) seems to be hurting more than helping.

To quote 38-year-old Ken Sullivan of Farmington, UT, he loves his family but …. “my desire to explore and the opportunity to do something no one has ever done before, and making a name for myself, would be nice to do.”

Hey Ken, from one dad to another here’s something to consider – how about doing something that no one has ever done closer to home? How about making a name for your kids to live up to with your feet on planet earth?

The guy is completely and utterly intent on being selected for the trip to Mars and according to his wife Becky, he didn’t consult with her. Maybe Becky’s better off. I mean if the guy is willing to drop everything (and his family) and take off to Mars, whose to say that he’s not going to entertain an offer from Venus when Mars gets boring?

Yes, it’s his choice and yes he can do whatever he feels like doing but this is one thing I could never do to my family….Unless of course it’s a one way ticket to Samoa…I’m kidding!

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