Killing the root to enjoy the fruits

Systemic oppression by a government who lauds its own efforts to indoctrinate and strip an indigenous people of its lands, culture and identity is a massive injustice. It happens all over the world. It happens because we are greedy and egotistical. It happens because we are human, because we are inclined to human nature.

Regretfully, there are some people who have given in to the incursion of colonization and westernized forms of government and living. Thankfully, there are still those like the original people of Australia who continue to oppose the attack on their way of life despite the governments efforts to extirpate and extricate them from their tribal lands. [continued]

My attachment to Samoa goes beyond the fact that I was born outside of the country of my forefathers. It is a belief in my cultural provenance. It is a notion ingrained within me that my totality as a Samoan is achieved by merging the intangibles with the tangible. The pure aspects of my culture and language can only be expressed properly and completely through my connection to fanua (land) to the moana (ocean) and to all meaola (living things), all of which are my inheritance from God.

I don’t assume to understand the plight of the Aboriginal tribes of Australia, nor do I ever wish to know that pain. The Australian governments assertion that they know better than it’s original people is shocking and utterly atrocious.

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