Being human…and other things to overcome

Headache of being humanWe humans are flawed.

We possess the capacity to be better than human. I truly believe that. But do we want it?

For all the evil that we see in the world there is good in us, it just isn’t extolled in the public eye as often as immorality, depravity and corruption. For every good story that casts a warm patina over our hearts and compels us to seek the good in people; infuses in us a desire to be better, there are three or four atrocious stories that destroys our faith in humanity and supplants any good that we struggled to find in the world. That’s the refuse that sells. Some of us, not all, find joy in the degradation and public humiliation of others.

We have forgotten.

We have forgotten common decency. When someone falls we step on them. Better them than me, right? We have forgotten our responsibility to one another as neighbors in a global neighborhood – because fences, tinted windows, keyboards and computer screens have all taken the place of face-to-face interactions, a handshake and a genuine concern for what ails you.

We have forgotten what it’s like to say something and truly mean it because our status, our Likes and our selfies hold more weight and sway than the honest, heartfelt words spoken through human lips. But I can’t fault you there because there are so many people now who love to contend and to be controversial and say shocking things that make a small number applaud us for being radical and scandalous and outrageous, secretly hoping that it makes the masses cringe.

We loathe opposing opinions because the only opinion that matters is our own. We say we’re grassroots but we’re out of touch with our community. We refuse to conform but we insist that others adapt to us. We hiss in the face of regulation and government but we want to tell others how to live their lives and stand over their shoulders to make sure they’re doing it right. No one can concede that another person’s point of view can be right or at the very least worthy of respect.

We have forgotten what human life means to us. Parents are killing kids; kids are killing kids; wives are killing husbands before they can be killed and husbands are killing wives because they need another wife and a new life – all of them pleading insanity which in itself seems altogether insane.

There is no justice and there certainly is no peace because we are humans and humans are not satisfied with heaven and a dream unless it comes with a slice of hell, a budget for a renovation and a pre-nuptial agreement.

We do our best.

It’s about all we can do. Despite all the hate, negativity, suspicions, dishonesty, exploitation, perversion and every uncouth, vulgar, disrespectful and crude thing we do as humans I have to believe that there is still good in the darkest of human hearts because we can be good if we truly want to be.

There is proof.

We can be good. It’s in our DNA.

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