Turn into the trouble

auto accident
I am blessed and grateful to have survived

A few years ago I had the audacity to think that I would be a good commercial truck driver. A friend of mine, on good faith, hired me and gave the opportunity to follow through on my ambition. Unfortunately, after several long, hard months of being mentored by my new found friend Hal and other company drivers, I still had not mastered the art of backing a large tractor and trailer. No matter what I did, I would miss the mark.

Hal was patient and gave me several useful pointers but the foreign concepts were an effort for me until one day, calm and unflappable, Hal said, “This is going to sound stupid but, when you’re backing up that trailer and you find yourself in trouble, you need to turn into the trouble.”

Taking that advice, as odd as it seemed at the time, I got better. And even though my career as a commercial truck driver came to an abrupt end I’ve found that the concepts I learned from Hal and others like him became beneficial in life.

This week, I was involved in a very serious automobile accident that I truly believe would have claimed my life if not for Hal’s advice and perhaps some divine intervention. I can’t say for sure that my reaction to the situation allowed me to walk away from this horrific event without a scratch, but I can say that it gave me a feeling of calm and control in the middle of a very harrowing ordeal.

As my car careened out of control on the highway my first thought was a natural one – panic. The second thought was confusing but I followed the prompting as I recalled Hal’s sage advice on a dusty road from a former life: turn into the trouble.

Time stood still as I faced the issue head on. Turning into the trouble helped me to avert any oncoming traffic. But even though my vehicle was completely destroyed, when the dust settled, I was out of any looming danger, no other vehicles besides mine and the semi that clipped me were involved and there were no major injuries.

Although it has been just two days since the accident, I’m coming to grips with the reality of knowing that there are things in my life I need to do right now in case I run out of lives. I’m dealing with the trauma the best way I know how – by turning into trouble and facing it head on.

Such is life; there are struggles both big and small. There are difficulties placed upon us or issues that arise in our life that make dealing with them problematic and depressing. But I have found that when life throws us challenges, the only way to deal with them honestly and completely is to face them head on. Turn into the trouble, solve it and resolve it and you will find peace.

payson temple 2
Enjoying time with our youth

Be grateful for every moment and for every day you breathe. Be cautious with the words you use and extremely watchful with your actions. And be active in pursuing the things that matter most. Whatever goals you have in life, hound them down with tenacity and passion. If your relationships are in turmoil, mend them, love your loved ones harder and release yourself from the relationships that are ruining your chances of being the best person you can be.

I am a firm believer that we all have something specific to do in life. I know that I have not done what I have been born to do. So once again I find myself doing what my friend taught me – I’m turning into the trouble, seeking answers and steeling myself to be the best me.

I am grateful and truly blessed to be alive!

4 thoughts on “Turn into the trouble

  1. Enjoyed the read! Glad that you are well. Thank you for the reminders. Alofa atu Seti mo oe ma Jen ma nai o oulua alo aemaise i laua o lo’o i le galuega a le Ali’i.

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