Saturday, oh wondrous Saturday

Gratitude Post #4

Matuas win 2017
Quinn and teammate TJ Ragigia celebrating their championship

I live for Saturday. Monday through Friday I’m working, coaching, volunteering, cleaning and trying to squeeze as much as I can to make sure that Saturday is a day that I can dedicate to my family. There are times when Saturday becomes the busiest day of the week for us. But it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, as long as we’re doing it together, it’s still a special day for us.

IMG_1621_smallToday for example, I was up early to assist our State Rugby Organization run a couple of rugby clinics before spending the next two hours watching our youngest son Quinn win a football championship against a much bigger, more aggressive opponent. He had a great game, and even though the weather took a turn for the worst, we enjoyed watching him and his team play their hearts out.

On occasion, Saturday provides us with an opportunity to have dinner with all of our boys. As the days, weeks and years pass us by we realize that these opportunities are becoming rare. So we savor these moments and drink in the rehashing of stories from the past week and interesting things that happened.

I’m grateful for Saturday’s – they give me a moment to catch my breath and spend time with the people I love most.

Matuas 4 Nov 2017
Some of the family enjoying a Saturday evening dinner

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